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  • Lecturer’s joint work grounding major constitutional debate in Portugal
  • Published:2015/4/22 0:00:00 News source:The station

Lecturer Guilherme Vasconcelos Vilaça from XJTU School of Law has written, together with other fellow Portuguese researchers, a proposal for a New Portuguese Constitution. The authors propose a minimalist text that enables the existing plurality of social forces to pursue their normative goals through ordinary, not constitutional, politics.


This New Constitution is now being used by a leading Portuguese newspaper, Observador, as the basis to launch a nation-wide constitutional debate. Accordingly, the authors work will be discussed in a number of conferences, is available for public debate at the newspaper’s webpage and will be published in revised form later this year.


This contribution reflects Guilherme’s commitment to participate in the public sphere bridging the gap between academia and civil society.


Links to the research team and the project (in Portuguese):